HE the High Commissioner Meets  with Official of Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry

THE The High Commissioner had a meeting with following  official of Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) during the his visit to Durban.

Ms. Dumile Cele - CEO

Ms. Vani Moodley - Vice President

Ms. Rokeya Villy – Manager – international Relations



While thanking and making the welcome remarks for High Commissioner’s visit to DCCI, Ms. Dumile Cele, CEO, stated DCCI’s willingness to renew the relations with Sri Lanka and highlighted the important sectors such as Information Technology, Banking , Telecom etc  that both countries collaborated with in the future.

During the discussion, High Commissioner indicated the importance of strengthening bilateral trade relations between two countries, identifying potential areas that have mutual benefits and emphasised, as private sector collective organizations, Chambers in both countries could play a vital role in maintaining such relations in terms of enhancing trade and investment between two countries.

During the meeting, they were also tentatively informed the date for the Sri Lanka South Africa Business forum to be held at DCCI as 5th April 2016 and at the request by High Commissioner, they assured their fullest support in organizing the Forum and expressed their willingness to renew MOU that has been signed with  Ceylon Chamber of Commerce  in order to do strength the bilateral relations.

Finally, HE also requested DCCI’s support for the Investment & Business Conclave 2016 by organizing a delegation and encouraging its members to attend the same and handed over several flyers/applications of the event.