Sri Lankans living in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and nearby cities in South Africa gathered at the High Commission to celebrate Vesak Day on 25 May 2024.

The event was organized by the Sri Lanka High Commission in Pretoria in collaboration with the Sri Lankan community in South Africa. The event also commemorated the 25th Anniversary of the adoption of the General Assembly Resolution 54/115, which internationally recognized the Day of Vesak.


The celebration began with Buddha Puja, followed by religious observances conducted by Most Ven. Phra Kitsakol Phaenoi, the Abbot of the Johannesburg Meditation Centre. The religious activities included listening to Dharma, chanting, meditation, transferring of merits, and receiving blessings.


After the religious observances, attendees lit Vesak lanterns and oil lamps, followed by a Bhakthi Geetha session for all devotees.


The event was attended by more than 75 participants, including members of the diplomatic community in Pretoria, devotees from the Johannesburg Meditation Centre, and Sri Lankan community members representing all religions and ethnicities, including Tamil, Muslim, and Christian.




High Commission of Sri Lanka
28 May 2024